The ICI Bookstore is liquidating its inventory.  Therefore, you may find some of the items you ordered we are not sending at all or not in the quantities you have ordered.  However, you are charged according to what you ordered.  Thank you for your understanding


    1.  The Evangelistic book Glad News! by Sam Tanagho (translated to Persian by Abe Ghaffari) is now available in Persian in hardcopy form.  To order it please contact or ICI.  (Price is $12.00)

    2.  The Persian translation of the book, The Secret by Bill Bright is available from ICI. (Price is $9.50)

    3.  Pastor John McWilliams has recorded a series of seminars about Christian beliefs.  They can be downloaded from Talim Ministries Website:  The seminars are available in both English and Persian languages. 


You can now read and print the Persian commentary on the Gospel of John that Abe Ghaffari completed its translation from English.  Go to the following website: then click on Prison Ministries Missionaries and Churches.  Finally click on the book in Farsi.


There will be an Iranian Christian Conference being held in Dallas, Texas on October 20-23, 2011.  For more information please contact

Iranian Baptist Church of Dallas at

Phone:  214-348-8098