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"... In the last days ... I shall restore the fortunes of Elam (Iran), declares the Lord."
Jeremiah 49:39

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The ICI Partner Prayer Letter


October - December 2017

"Cast all your anxiety upon Him, because He cares for you." (1 Peter 5:7)


Thank you so much for keeping us in your prayers. The local Persian Bible study is going well. In addition to Bible study, prayer, and fellowship, we also worship the Lord with Persian (Farsi) songs in our meetings. Each month a few new persons and families have joined the Bible study.


One new person in the Bible study group is Moe, a young Iranian Christian man who is also attending a Bible college. Moe has an interesting testimony. He came to Christ in Iran about 12 years ago. His father disowned him for abandoning Islam. He became an active evangelist, but as soon as the Islamic government learned about it, they wanted to kill him. Therefore, Moe fled to Turkey. He spent three years in Turkey as a refugee. In order to support himself, he had to work illegally, as the Turkish government does not permit the refugees to work. One day on the job, (black market job where refugees are mistreated and underpaid, and given dangerous jobs,) Moe was sent to dump some construction trash in a site out of town. When he got there he saw some warning signs about vicious wild dogs roaming in the area. While disposing the trash, suddenly, he saw several wild dogs are rushing toward him! Thank God he was able to jump in the trash pick- up truck just in time and drive away to safety. Many of the Bible study participants have wonderful testimonies of God's work in their lives. Please prayfor God's blessings on the members ofthe Bible study.

Hamid, One local Iranian Christian was scheduled to have his asylum interview in September. However, the interviewer could not fly out of Houston to Denver due to Hurricane Harvey. The interview was rescheduled for late October. Please prayfor Peyman that he would receive a positive decision on his asylum application.

Sometime in early September, Sepi, an Iranian lady, called ICI and asked for assistance with finding a English/Persian for her asylum interview in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, She came to the U.S. a couple of years ago to visit her sister. She had become a Christian in Iran and because of it lost her university teaching position. A few days before the phone call she had gone to Baton Rouge for her asylum interview, but since she was not fluent in English, the asylum officer rescheduled the interview and told her to come back with a competent English/ Persian interpreter.

ICI found Sepi an experienced interpreter named Shahram, a mature Christian who lives in Atlanta. We were so happy to help Sepi as she hardly knew what to expect at her interview. Abe spent almost two hours orienting and instructing Sepi for her upcoming interview. Abe also taught her some Christian principles and facts. Sepi finally had her interview in late September. She reported that the interviewer asked her all the questions that she and Abe had discussed in their practice phone interview, a few days earlier. Pray that Sepi would receive a positive decision and grow in her new faith.

ICI also recently helped three Iranian Christian refugee families who are overseas. Two families are in Turkey and one in Indonesia. These families have been granted refugee status, but UNHCR has yet to find a country of resettlement. ICI brought the situation of these families to the attention of the UNHCR branch office that is handling these refugee cases. Please pray for these stranded brothers and sisters.

During September ICI reviewed some Canadian sponsorship documents for an Afghan Christian family who are stranded in Pakistan. The family had to flee Afghanistan due to threats to their safety. Remember this dear family in your prayers as they are not safe in Pakistan.

In our last ICI partner Prayer Letter we reported a couple of large donations to ICI. However, there was a significant drop in donations this past summer. A few of our donors have gone to be with the Lord during the last two years. A few of the regular monthly donors have not sent any donations recently. Therefore, as we approached the end of our fiscal year in September, Abe faced some challenges with meeting the ICI resource requirements. However, our Lord is living and able. Please pray for better finances for ICI.

God's blessings, 

Abe and Mahin Ghaffari