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It is a joy to serve you by providing Scriptures, evangelistic, discipleship, training in Muslim evangelism and cultural literature in the Persian, Dari, Pushtu and English languages. We pray that the literature purchased from the ICI Bookstore will be of help to you in your search for Christ, your growth as a Christian and/or your ministry to Iranians and other Persian/Dari speaking people.  For clarity, the following codes are used to communicate the language of the book/booklet/tract, etc.

P = Persian     D = Dari     E = English     Pu = Pushtu    A = Azari  K = Kurdish

Please use the navigation menu on the left to view our categories.  Categories are divided into the following:

Category # Subject Description Language
1110000 Scriptures.
Bibles, New testaments
  P, E, K, Pu
1150000 Dari Scriptures  D
2220000 Posters in Persian.
Posters, Poetry and cards
P, E
3330000 Evangelistic. P, E, A
3350000 Dari Evangelistic Literature. D
4440000 Apologetic.
Good for use with serious inquirers and for training for witnessing.
P, E
5550000 Training In Muslim Evangelism. P, E
6660000 Discipleship For Iranian Believers. P, E, D
7770000 Biographical And Testimonies.
Good for Evangelism
P, E, D
7780000 Children's Literature. P, E
8855000 Teaching Tapes. P, E
8880000 Persian Christian Music. P, E
9970000 Persian Language. P, E
9980000  Persian Culture. P, E
9990000  Videos.* P, E, D, A


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