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1110032.jpg God's Word (The Bible) (E) - SALE- 1110032
$4.00 $2.00 On Sale!
The New International Version translation. Paperback. 751p.
1110034.jpg Gospel of John (E) - SALE- 1110034
$0.75 $0.30 On Sale!
The New American Standard translation. 80p.
Christmas Cards (P/E) - SALE- 2220011
$1.00 $0.10 On Sale!
Persian and English
The Lord's Prayer (P) - SALE- 2220012
$0.25 $0.10 On Sale!
The Catholic Version.
3330003.jpg Belief in God in the Twentieth Century (E) - SALE- 3330003
$3.55 $2.00 On Sale!
J. Elder.
Contemporary presentation of the existence of God. Addresses deistic and atheistic tendencies among Muslims. (Persian 3330002). 70p.
In Search of Love Part 1 (P) - SALE- 3330036
$0.25 $0.10 On Sale!
An explanation of God's unconditional love and how it differs from human love. 8p.
In Search of Love Part 2 (P) - SALE- 3330037
$0.25 $0.10 On Sale!
An explanation of God's unconditional love and how it differs from human love. Continuation of part 1. 8p. (3330036).
3330044.jpg Spiritual Journey (P) - SALE- 3330044
$0.50 $0.20 On Sale!
W. M. Miller.
A chapter from the book The Way of Salvation.
Overcoming Some Misunderstandings (P) - 3330045
$0.20 $0.10 On Sale!
W. Lazar.
A tract responding to some Muslim misunderstandings.
3330090.jpg Learn (E) - SALE- 3330090
$0.30 $0.15 On Sale!
Presents some of the teachings of Jesus Christ including "The Sermon on the Mount" and "The Good Samaritan." (Persian 3330076). 16p.
3331100.jpg The Prophets and the Word (E) - SALE- 3331100
$2.00 $0.75 On Sale!
God's plan for mankind: Foretold by the prophets fulfilled by The Word. Written for Muslims. 77p.
3331110.jpg The Life and Teaching of Jesus the Messiah (E) - SALE- 3331110
$6.50 $4.00 On Sale!
D. Clark.
Compiled in Pakistan. Excellent presentation of Christian truths for Muslims. Presents the life of Jesus Christ as seen in the four gospels. Hardback. (Persian 3330005). 318p.
3331126.jpg The Darkness Disappears (E) - SALE- 3331126
$1.50 $0.75 On Sale!
Call of Hope.
The true light is now shining. This booklet explains how we should live in the end. 56p.
Peace With God (E) - SALE- 3331127
$8.55 $6.00 On Sale!
Billy Graham.
It is the timeless truth of Christ's redemptive work on the cross for the sin of fallen humanity. Dr Graham's sensitivity to modern needs his grasp of the gospel. 276p.
3331141.jpg All That The Prophets Have Spoken (E) - SALE- 3331141
$14.99 $8.00 On Sale!
Yehia Saía
The Bible "The most vehemently disputed book in history" is masterfully explained for Muslims. 304 p.
4440012.jpg Evidence That Demands a Verdict (E) - SALE- 4440012
$23.00 $10.00 On Sale!
J. McDowell.
Presents facts to refute common arguments biased against Christianity. For the serious student. 387p.
4440022.jpg The Islam Debate (E) - SALE- 4440022
$5.95 $3.00 On Sale!
J. McDowell.
Transcript of McDowell's debate with Deedat on whether Christ was crucified. 71p.
Jesus Israel and the Gentiles (E) - SALE- 4440029
$0.50 $0.20 On Sale!
E. Hahn.
A response to the Muslim claim that Jesus was sent to the children of Israel only. 18p.
Jesus the Son of God (E) - SALE- 4440034
$0.95 $0.50 On Sale!
Luther Engelbrecht and Ernest Hahn.
Clarifies for Muslims what is meant by Jesus being the Son of God. 15p.
4440042.jpg What Do You Think About Christ? (E) - SALE- 4440042
$1.50 $0.75 On Sale!
Discusses Christ's birth sinless ness teachings power sufferings death resurrection return to earth and offers an invitation to the reader to become a follower of Christ. 29p.
Isa in the Taurat Injil and Qurían (E) - SALE- 4440052
$0.50 $0.20 On Sale!
Who is Isa (Jesus)? An explanation from the Taurat the Injil and the Qurían He is wonderfully unique. 12p.
The Crucifixion of Christ: A Fact Not Fiction (E) - SALE- 4440055
$2.00 $0.75 On Sale!
John Gilchrist.
Reply to Ahmed Deedat's book entitled Crucifixion or Cruci-fiction. 36p.
4440057.jpg The Call of the Minaret (E) - SALE- 4440057
$10.95 $6.00 On Sale!
Kenneth Cragg.
An account of the spiritual tradition of Islam a luminous presentation of the person of Christ and an attempt to guide the followers of both traditions. 358p.
Why the Cross of Jesus the Messiah? (E) - SALE- 4440062
$0.25 $0.10 On Sale!
A short discussion about the fact of Jesus' death on the cross the meaning of His death and Jesus' resurrection from the dead. 6p.
4440072.jpg America Oil and the Islamic Mind (E) - SALE- 4440072
$4.00 $2.50 On Sale!
Michael Youssef.
"The Real Crisis Is the Gulf Between Our Ways of Thinking." A quick overview and current-events analysis of Islam. 135p.
4440075.jpg The Logic of Faith (E) - SALE- 4440075
$0.75 $0.25 On Sale!
Dale Rhoton.
Well documented presentation of reasons for Christian faith written with Muslims in mind. (In newspaper form) 28p.
4440077.jpg Islamic Invasion (E) - SALE- 4440077
$15.00 $11.00 On Sale!
Robert Morey.
The Islamic Invasion will give you the insight you need to understand Islam and the challenge it poses today. 221p.
Islam - A Religious Profile (E) - SALE- 4440082
$1.95 $0.75 On Sale!
Dean Halverson.
This paper shows the difference between the uncertainty of salvation by attempting to live up to the law versus the faith in Jesus Christ. 8p.
The Day of Jesus the Messiah's Resurrection (E) - SALE- 4440084
$0.25 $0.10 On Sale!
A pamphlet that explains the Lord Jesus Christ's death and resurrection. 6p.
5550050.jpg Answering Islam: The Crescent in the Light of the Cross (E) - SALE- 5550050
$17.99 $12.00 On Sale!
Norman L. Geisler and Abdul Saleeb.
These two authors have given one of the most comprehensive expositions and most complete evaluations of Islam in print. 336p.
6660008.jpg A Goodly Heritage (E) - SALE- 6660008
$4.50 $2.50 On Sale!
J. Elder.
While supplies last. Devotional readings. Translated from the Persian text by Yahya Armajani. 141p.
6660043.jpg Touch the World Through Prayer (E) - SALE- 6660043
$6.00 $3.00 On Sale!
Wesley L. Duewel.
A practical guide to prayer; demonstrates how a Christian can impact the world through prayer and gives specific suggestions. 253p.
6660051.jpg Master Plan of Discipleship (E) - SALE- 6660051
$7.00 $4.00 On Sale!
Robert Coleman examines the Book of Acts to set forth the principles of church growth through evangelism and discipleship. 156p.
The Problem of Pain (E) - SALE- 6665520
$4.95 $2.00 On Sale!
C.S. Lewis.
How human suffering raises almost intolerable intellectual problems. 160p.
The Fruit of the Holy Spirit (E) - SALE- 6665538
$6.00 $3.00 On Sale!
Menes Abdul Noor.
It explains how Christ changes people through the work of the Holy Spirit in his heart then how he takes possession of and reigns over his life. 152p.
7770046.jpg Tortured for Christ (E) - SALE- 7770046
$6.00 $3.00 On Sale!
Richard Wurmbrand.
Months of solitary confinement years of periodic physical torture constant suffering from hunger and cold the anguish of brainwashing and mental cruelty - experienced and witnessed by a Rumanian pastor during his fourteen years in Communist prisons. This is their story - a classic account of courage tenacious faith and unbelievable endurance. 139p.
8880066.jpg The Pearls Live (Assyrian) Video NTSC or PAL - FREE- 8880066
$20.00 $0.00 On Sale!
Brasheet Music Ministry.
One hour of praise and worship music performed live in Toronto Canada. YOU JUST PAY THE SHIPPING AND HANDLING
9970009.jpg The All Nations English Dictionary (E) - SALE- 9970009
$10.00 $5.00 On Sale!
An English to English dictionary in simple language. 901p.
The Day of Resurrection (E) - 3330039
$0.20 $0.10 On Sale!
E. Hahn.
Briefly answers the question "How could God will the Messiah to suffer and die?" 8p.
The Truth of the Word (P) - 3330043
$0.20 $0.10 On Sale!
W. Lazar.
A tract about the validity of the Bible.
3330047.jpg What is Christianity? (Corr. course) (P) - 3330047
$0.90 $0.50 On Sale!
Clear presentation of Christianity to Muslim readers; correspondence course to use in conjunction with the book What is Christianity. (English 3330023 Persian 3330022). 24p.
3330049.jpg Life Giving God (P) -SALE- 3330049
$2.00 $1.50 On Sale!
It discusses the secret of creation Satan manís fall Christís crucifixion salvation by faith and a personal invitation. 61p.
3330055.jpg Savior of the World (P) - 3330055
$0.50 $0.25 On Sale!
Uses Bible verses to show God's plan of salvation and why Jesus is man's Savior. 31 sections. 64p.
3330057.jpg The Manifestation of Jesus Christ (P) - 3330057
$0.50 $0.25 On Sale!
Based on New Testament passages Christ's birth childhood public service love poverty teachings disciples death and resurrection are presented. The booklet concludes that only Jesus Christ is truly unique and only He is worthy to reveal the true God and save the world. 14p.
Quicksand (E) - 3330071
$0.20 $0.10 On Sale!
A story tract that compares the impact of sin to quicksand and then offers the hope of the gospel. 6p.
Seeing Paradise Through the Eye of a Needle (E) - 3330079
$0.20 $0.10 On Sale!
A tract which explains why it is impossible for a proud person or someone with worldly attachments to enter the Kingdom of God. (Persian 3330078). 6p.
Meditations on Life and Death (E) - 3330081
$0.20 $0.10 On Sale!
Compares the Muslim and Christian perspectives of death and offers Christ as the Savior from sin and death. (Persian 3330080). 6p.
3330084.jpg Music of Chimes (P) - 3330084
$6.95 $4.99 On Sale!
H. Dehqani-Tafti.
Explains Christian concepts which have often been misunderstood by Iranians in easy to understand language. 164p.
3330092.gif From Confusion to Salvation (P) - 3330092
$2.75 $2.49 On Sale!
K. Allen.
Discusses the meaning and consequences of sin the meaning and basic principles of salvation Christ's call to repentance and surrender and His call to victorious Christian living. 144p. Case of 30 $55.00
Grace and Sacrifice of God (P) - 3330094
$0.20 $0.10 On Sale!
W. Lazar.
A tract for Muslims.
Repentance & Forgiveness of God (P) - 3330095
$0.20 $0.10 On Sale!
W. Lazar.
A tract for Muslims.
3331111.jpg Where to Go With This Burden? (P) - 3331111
$2.00 $1.00 On Sale!
Carefully discusses the seriousness of sin and is accompanied by illustrative pictures. It presents the cross of Jesus Christ confession and repentance as the only solution to removing the burden of sin. 34p.
3331116.jpg How to Know God (P) - 3331116
$0.25 $0.10 On Sale!
Using Bible verses it explains how one can be saved from sin and receive the wonderful promises of Jesus Christ. (English 3331117) 49p.
3331118.jpg Love (P) - 3331118
$0.40 $0.20 On Sale!
Scripture verses explaining God's love. 16p.
3331133.jpg God's Answer (P) - 3331133
$0.95 $0.75 On Sale!
A biblical teaching about the subjects of sin the solution to sin faith Christian life Christís warnings and an invitation.18p.
3331139.jpg Betrayed (P) - 3331139
$5.00 $3.95 On Sale!
Stan Telchin Translated by Abe Ghaffari
The story of one Jewish manís search for the promised Messiah. 152 p.
1110031.jpg The Great News (The New Testament) (E) - 1110031
$2.50 $1.99 On Sale!
The New International Version translation with illustrations. Paperback. 213p.
Islam and Muslims (E) - 4440064
$0.30 $0.20 On Sale!
E. Hahn.
A brief summary of Islam and Muslims that will encourage you to learn more about them and about ways of sharing the Gospel with them. 8p.
Christians are Indebted to Muslims (E) - 5550020
$0.20 $0.10 On Sale!
Shaykh M. Mansur.
Briefly shares four important points in sharing the Gospel with Muslims. Written by a former Muslim. 4p.
6660032.jpg The Way of the Cross (E) - SALE - 6660032
$3.00 $1.50 On Sale!
R. Hession.
The original English language book for 6660031. 78p.
1110054.jpg Sermon on the Mount (Pu) - 1110054
$0.75 $0.50 On Sale!
"Sermon on the Mount" in Pushtu. Published by Pakistani Bible Society in 1981. While supplies last. 56p.
6660052.jpg Gems from Tozer (E) - SALE - 6660052
$4.00 $2.00 On Sale!
A.W. Tozer.
Writings on worship making Jesus Lord and the Holy Spirit. 96p.
6660057.jpg The Peacemaker (E) - SALE- 6660057
$14.99 $10.00 On Sale!
Ken Sande.
An indispensable counseling tool for pastors. 246p.
1110057.jpg The Psalms (P) - SALE - 1110057
$5.00 $3.00 On Sale!
Persian Psalms. Revised Version. United Bible Societies. 2000 Edition. 197p.
6660063.jpg Damaged Disciples (E) - SALE - 6660063
$7.00 $5.00 On Sale!
Ron and Vicki Burks.
A book to help the casualties of Authoritarian Churches and the Shepherding Movement. 176 p.
6665506.jpg What Does Jesus Say? (P) - 6665506
$5.00 $2.99 On Sale!
A book about Jesus' teachings regarding himself the human nature righteousness evil faith and His plan for the world. 214 p.
Hunger Satisfied (P/E) - 7770003
$0.20 $0.10 On Sale!
A testimony of an Iranian Christian. 4p.
Testimony of an Iranian Christian (E) - 7770011
$0.50 $0.10 On Sale!
E. Ghaffari.
Briefly tells how an Iranian from Muslim background came to Christ and to his current ministry as director of ICI. Good for developing a vision for ministry among Iranians. (Persian 7770010). 5p.
7770049.jpg Daughters of Islam (E) - SALE - 7770049
$14.50 $9.00 On Sale!
Miriam Adeney.
Provides case studies of how Muslim women from various parts of the world have come to embrace Christianity and what factors were important in their conversion.
Poem by Hafez (P/E) - SALE - 2220001
$1.25 $0.75 On Sale!
Color selections: green yellow dark orange light orange.
Poem by Roumi (P) - 2220002
$1.25 $0.75 On Sale!
Color selections: green yellow dark orange light orange.
Poem by Roumi (P/E) - 2220003
$1.00 $0.50 On Sale!
Color selections: green yellow dark orange light orange.
Poem by Sanaii (P/E) - 2220004
$1.25 $0.75 On Sale!
Color: White with turquoise writing.
Romans 8:28 (P) - SALE - 2220005
$1.25 $0.75 On Sale!
Color: White with turquoise writing.
Poem by Jami (P/E) - 2220006
$1.25 $0.75 On Sale!
Color: White with turquoise writing.
Poem by Roumi (P/E) - 2220007
$1.00 $0.50 On Sale!
Color: White with turquoise writing.
The Lord's Prayer (P) - SALE - 2220008
$0.25 $0.15 On Sale!
Gold print on white gloss background.
A Tale of Cats & Mice of Obeyd of Zaakan (E) - SALE - 9980004
$10.95 $5.00 On Sale!
Translated by M. Nakosteen. 50p.
Ten Pieces for Tar #1 (P) - SALE - 9980016
$3.95 $1.00 On Sale!
ICI. Hossein Alizadeh. (Photocopy quality). 15p.
Ten Pieces for Tar #2 (P) - SALE - 9980017
$3.95 $1.00 On Sale!
ICI. Hossein Alizadeh. (Photocopy quality). 26p.
9990514-1.jpg Jesus Video (P) NTSC - SALE-9990514-1
$15.00 $5.00 On Sale!
Campus Crusade for Christ.
The life and teachings of Jesus from the Gospel of Luke. Excellent production and dubbing to Persian. 120 minutes/color.
Easter Card (P) - SALE - 2221107
$1.00 $0.50 On Sale!
3330002.jpg Belief in God in the Twentieth Century (P) - 3330002
$2.50 $1.99 On Sale!
J. Elder.
Contemporary presentation of the existence of God. Addresses deistic and atheistic tendencies among Muslims. (English 3330003). 85p.
3330007.jpg The Beloved Physician (P) - 3330007
$2.50 $1.99 On Sale!
J. Rasooli and C. Allen.
Thrilling story of a Kurdish doctor who turned from Islam to serve as a Christian physician and evangelist to the people of Iran. Abridged. (English 3330016). 100p.
6660070.jpg The Return of the Prodigal Son (P) - SALE - 6660070
$6.00 $4.00 On Sale!
Henri Nouwen translated by Pedram Zaboli
Based on the New Testament story of the prodigal son it analyzes this homecoming story based on Rembrandt's painting on the same subject. 159p.
3330012.jpg Help From Above (P) - 3330012
$0.20 $0.10 On Sale!
Helpful Scriptural passages. 49p.
Grow & Multiply (P) - 5550064
$4.00 $2.00 On Sale!
By Dawson Trotman, translated by Yahya Nikpour.
It provides insights into the work of evangelism. 56p.
The Main Target of the Bible (P) - 6665579
$3.00 $1.00 On Sale!
By M. Finley.
It discusses God's plan of salvation for mankind. 30p.
1110008.jpg Eternal Psalms (P) - 1110008
$2.95 $1.00 On Sale!
Is a selection from Living Psalms in modern Persian. Iranians like other Muslims believe that the Psalms of David (Zabour) is a book from God and they read it with respect. A good pre-evangelistic book. A 1990 ICI reprint. 112p. If you would like to order by the case it will be $.80 each for 120.
The Unity of God (P) - 3330029
$0.20 $0.10 On Sale!
W. Lazar.
An explanation of the Trinity and that Christians believe in one God. 6p.
3330031.jpg Spiritual Revolution (P) - 3330031
$0.45 $0.25 On Sale!
M. Steer.
Offers spiritual revolution through Christ as the only viable alternative to social revolution. (English 3330032). 10p.
3330032.jpg Spiritual Revolution (E) - 3330032
$0.45 $0.25 On Sale!
M. Steer.
Offers spiritual revolution through Christ as the only viable alternative to social revolution. (Persian 3330031). 10p.
Noah & Enoch (P) - 6665578
$4.00 $2.00 On Sale!
Gordon Lindsey.
It looks into the character and ministry of these Old Testament prophets. 74p.