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Bibles, New Testaments.

Adam & Eve (Gen. 1-3) (P) - 1110022
Today's Persian version. 9p.
1110019.jpg Diatesseron (P) - 1110019
Combines the four Gospels. It also offers explanatory footnotes and full color pictures. 543p.
1110008.jpg Eternal Psalms (P) - 1110008
$2.95 $1.00 On Sale!
Is a selection from Living Psalms in modern Persian. Iranians like other Muslims believe that the Psalms of David (Zabour) is a book from God and they read it with respect. A good pre-evangelistic book. A 1990 ICI reprint. 112p. If you would like to order by the case it will be $.80 each for 120.
1110032.jpg God's Word (The Bible) (E) - SALE- 1110032
$4.00 $2.00 On Sale!
The New International Version translation. Paperback. 751p.
1110064.jpg He Lived Among Us (P) - 1110064
It presents the life of Christ based on the Gospels in colorfully illustrated format. 127p.
Joseph1110025.jpg Joseph (Gen. 37-47) (P) - 1110025
Today's Persian version. 39p.
Leather Cover Bible (P) - 1110056
1904 translation with new typeset and helpful notes. Published in 1996. Hardcover 1110047
Leather Cover New Testament (P/E) - 1110055
Published by Voice of the Martyrs. Leather cover.
Persian Bible (96 Ed.) (P) - 1110047
1904 translation with new typeset and helpful notes. Published in 1996. 1455p.
1110029.jpg Resurrection of Christ (John 18-21) (P) - 1110029
Today's Persian version. 17p.
Selected Proverbs (P) - 1110017
Selected Proverbs in Modern Persian. (Photocopy quality). 96p
1110054.jpg Sermon on the Mount (Pu) - 1110054
$0.75 $0.50 On Sale!
"Sermon on the Mount" in Pushtu. Published by Pakistani Bible Society in 1981. While supplies last. 56p.
1110031.jpg The Great News (The New Testament) (E) - 1110031
$2.50 $1.99 On Sale!
The New International Version translation with illustrations. Paperback. 213p.
1120001.gif The Kurdish New Testament (Sorani) - 1120001
Published by the International Bible Society in 1998. Hard cover.
The Psalms (Modern Persian) - 1110036
S. Khachiki.
1110057.jpg The Psalms (P) - SALE - 1110057
$5.00 $3.00 On Sale!
Persian Psalms. Revised Version. United Bible Societies. 2000 Edition. 197p.
1110035.jpg Persian New Testament (Pocket) (P) - 1110035
Today's Persian version. Good evangelistic and Bible study tool. Vinyl cover. 707p.
Old Testament Selections (P) -1110049
New Translation (2006) It includes small section of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Deuteronomy, Judges, Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiates and Jeremiah. 88p.
New Testament (P) - 1110002
Revised Today's Persion Version (RTPV) translation of the New Testament. Flexible Plastic Edition.
The Gospel of John (P) - 1110066
Translated by Dr. Fereidoun Es-Haq. 95p.