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3330015.jpg A Dangerous Situation (P) - 3330015
The Way of Salvation in cartoon format. 12p.
3331138.jpg A Heart for Eternity (E) - 3331138
David Clarke.
How to look forward to eternity without fear. 14p.
A Letter That Came From a Far Country (E) - 3330034
Portrays God's love and forgiveness in story form. (Persian 3330033). 6p.
An Amounting Debt and the Wisdom of a Sheikh (E) - 3330067
A story tract that explains the gospel through the encounter a wise sheikh had with a grocer. 10p.
3330002.jpg Belief in God in the Twentieth Century (P) - 3330002
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J. Elder.
Contemporary presentation of the existence of God. Addresses deistic and atheistic tendencies among Muslims. (English 3330003). 85p.
3331139.jpg Betrayed (P) - 3331139
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Stan Telchin Translated by Abe Ghaffari
The story of one Jewish manís search for the promised Messiah. 152 p.
Charcoal (E) - 3330065
A story tract that compares our sinful lives to charcoal and God's love to the transforming effect of fire upon charcoal. 3p.
3331115.jpg Christ & Christianity in Persian Poetry (E/P) - 3331115
H. B. Dehqani-Tafti.
Presents views of classical and modern Persian poets as well as Persian Christian poets regarding Christian theology and the person of Christ (English with Persian renderings of the poems). 36p.
3330024.jpg Cost of Love (P) - 3330024
B. Dehqani-Tafti.
A compilation of sermons. Presents the gospel to Muslims using the author's personal experience and the writings of Christian and Iranian Sufi poets. 88p.
3330016.jpg Dr. Sa'eed of Iran (E) - 3330016
J. Rasooli and C. Allen.
Thrilling story of a Kurdish doctor who turned from Islam to serve as a Christian physician and evangelist to the people of Iran. Unabridged. 188p.
3330092.gif From Confusion to Salvation (P) - 3330092
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K. Allen.
Discusses the meaning and consequences of sin the meaning and basic principles of salvation Christ's call to repentance and surrender and His call to victorious Christian living. 144p. Case of 30 $55.00
3330092.gif From Confusion to Salavation (P) Case of 30 - 3330092a
K. Allen.
Case of 30
Discusses the meaning and consequences of sin the meaning and basic principles of salvation Christ's call to repentance and surrender and His call to victorious Christian living. 144p.
3331133.jpg God's Answer (P) - 3331133
$0.95 $0.75 On Sale!
A biblical teaching about the subjects of sin the solution to sin faith Christian life Christís warnings and an invitation.18p.
3330019.jpg God's Good News for You (E) - 3330019
E. Hahn.
This simple summary of Bible truths tells Muslims the good news of what God has done through Jesus. It shows how Jesus differs from other prophets. Excellent. 17p. (Persian 3330008).
3331116.jpg How to Know God (P) - 3331116
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Using Bible verses it explains how one can be saved from sin and receive the wonderful promises of Jesus Christ. (English 3331117) 49p.
Is Jesus the Son of God? (E) - 3330038
Briefly answers Christian and Muslim responses to the question "Who is Jesus the Messiah?" 8p.
3330059.jpg Know Why You Believe (Correspondence Course) (P) - 3330059
Apologetics of the Christian faith which answers contemporary questions. A correspondence course used in conjunction with the book Know Why You Believe. (Book no longer available.) 30p.
3330076.jpg Learn from Jesus! (P) - 3330076
Presents some of the teachings of Jesus Christ including "The Sermon on the Mount" and "The Good Samaritan." (English 3330090). 16p.
3330049.jpg Life Giving God (P) -SALE- 3330049
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It discusses the secret of creation Satan manís fall Christís crucifixion salvation by faith and a personal invitation. 61p.
3331118.jpg Love (P) - 3331118
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Scripture verses explaining God's love. 16p.
3331147.jpg Love and Purity (P) - 3331147
Abbas Aryanpour.
The author has put the Gospel of John into the classical Persian poetry format. 81p.
Meditations on Life and Death (E) - 3330081
$0.20 $0.10 On Sale!
Compares the Muslim and Christian perspectives of death and offers Christ as the Savior from sin and death. (Persian 3330080). 6p.
3330054.jpg Mirror of the Heart (P) - 3330054
J. Gochwend.
Translation of The Heart of Man. Presents man's need of salvation and how he can receive Christ. 58p.
3330084.jpg Music of Chimes (P) - 3330084
$6.95 $4.99 On Sale!
H. Dehqani-Tafti.
Explains Christian concepts which have often been misunderstood by Iranians in easy to understand language. 164p.
New Life (P) - 3330061
Explains many new things that Jesus Christ grants a person: life peace freedom strength righteousness joy relationship with God trust and hope. The tract also presents the way to new life. 4p.
3331122.jpg On the Way to Church (P) - 3331122
It provides an overview of the Old and New Testaments. In a separate section it discusses the basic questions about the beliefs and practices of Christians. (Photocopy quality). 56p.
3330050-1.jpg One God One Way TEST(P) - 3330050-1
Test questions on the book One Way One God. 14p.
3331119.jpg Path to Salvation (P) - 3331119
Scripture verses explaining how one can be saved from his sin. 20p.
Peace With God (E) - SALE- 3331127
$8.55 $6.00 On Sale!
Billy Graham.
It is the timeless truth of Christ's redemptive work on the cross for the sin of fallen humanity. Dr Graham's sensitivity to modern needs his grasp of the gospel. 276p.
3330014.jpg Poetry About Jesus (P) - 3330014
Poetry written by famous Iranian poets describing and praising the character of Christ. Excellent pre-evangelistic tool for use with Muslims. 30p
3331113.jpg Questions & Answers (P) - 3331113
H. Dehqani-Tafti.
Contains 30 articles each dealing with an important question about the Christian faith and life. 156p.
Quicksand (E) - 3330071
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A story tract that compares the impact of sin to quicksand and then offers the hope of the gospel. 6p.
Repentance & Forgiveness of God (P) - 3330095
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W. Lazar.
A tract for Muslims.
3330055.jpg Savior of the World (P) - 3330055
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Uses Bible verses to show God's plan of salvation and why Jesus is man's Savior. 31 sections. 64p.
Seeing Paradise Through the Eye of a Needle (E) - 3330079
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A tract which explains why it is impossible for a proud person or someone with worldly attachments to enter the Kingdom of God. (Persian 3330078). 6p.
3330032.jpg Spiritual Revolution (E) - 3330032
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M. Steer.
Offers spiritual revolution through Christ as the only viable alternative to social revolution. (Persian 3330031). 10p.
3330031.jpg Spiritual Revolution (P) - 3330031
$0.45 $0.25 On Sale!
M. Steer.
Offers spiritual revolution through Christ as the only viable alternative to social revolution. (English 3330032). 10p.
3330085.jpg The Attributes (Life) of the Perfect Person (P) - 3330085
Bishop Stephen Neil.
The attributes of Jesus Christ such as love joy peace patience kindness goodness faithfulness humility and self-control are discussed. The Christian is challenged to grow in each of these fruits of the Spirit. 139p.
3330007.jpg The Beloved Physician (P) - 3330007
$2.50 $1.99 On Sale!
J. Rasooli and C. Allen.
Thrilling story of a Kurdish doctor who turned from Islam to serve as a Christian physician and evangelist to the people of Iran. Abridged. (English 3330016). 100p.
3331120.jpg The Cross and the Switchblade (P) - 3331120
David Wilkerson.
A translation from the same English title. The story of a pastor who is led to leave the comforts of his suburban church ministry and to work with the urban youth who are afflicted by drugs crime and poverty. 186p.
The Day of Resurrection (E) - 3330039
$0.20 $0.10 On Sale!
E. Hahn.
Briefly answers the question "How could God will the Messiah to suffer and die?" 8p.
3330021.jpg The Good Shepherd (P/E) - 3330021
J. Slaughter and M. Khosravi.
A simple story of the life of Christ in Persian and English. (Also available on cassette 8885504.) Helpful as a pre-evangelistic tool. The bilingual format is helpful as an English teaching aid. 112p.
3331123.jpg The Greatest Sermon Ever Preached (P) - 3331123
Christís teachings from "The Sermon on the Mount " about Mosaic Law treatment of oneís enemy characteristics of Christís disciple and other topics. 43p.
The King and the Prophet (E) - 3330068
A gospel story tract based upon King David's encounter with the prophet Nathan. Includes quotations from the Holy Zabour (Psalms). 10p.
3331110.jpg The Life and Teaching of Jesus the Messiah (E) - SALE- 3331110
$6.50 $4.00 On Sale!
D. Clark.
Compiled in Pakistan. Excellent presentation of Christian truths for Muslims. Presents the life of Jesus Christ as seen in the four gospels. Hardback. (Persian 3330005). 318p.
3330057.jpg The Manifestation of Jesus Christ (P) - 3330057
$0.50 $0.25 On Sale!
Based on New Testament passages Christ's birth childhood public service love poverty teachings disciples death and resurrection are presented. The booklet concludes that only Jesus Christ is truly unique and only He is worthy to reveal the true God and save the world. 14p.
The Position of Jesus Christ (P) - 3330048
Gordon Lindsey.
Dealing with the deity of Christ and Old Testament prophecies of His being the Messiah His virgin birth His mission to save mankind and an invitation to the reader to receive Christ as His Lord and Savior. 40p.
3331100.jpg The Prophets and the Word (E) - SALE- 3331100
$2.00 $0.75 On Sale!
God's plan for mankind: Foretold by the prophets fulfilled by The Word. Written for Muslims. 77p.
The Queen and the Mirror (E) - 3330073
A story tract for women that shares the need of salvation the tragedy experienced by a beautiful queen who was scarred by disease. 6p.
The Story of God and Man (P) - 3331145
This book of Persian poetry tells the great story of God's revelation to human kind through short stories. 87p.
The Truth of the Word (P) - 3330043
$0.20 $0.10 On Sale!
W. Lazar.
A tract about the validity of the Bible.
3330042.jpg The Uniqueness of Christ (E) - 3330042
Campus Crusade for Christ.
Bible study for serious inquirers. Presents the basic truths concerning Jesus of Nazareth the Son of God the Savior of Mankind. Introduction to Ten Basic Steps Toward Maturity. (Persian 3330041). 50p.
3330041.jpg The Uniqueness of Christ (P) - 3330041
Campus Crusade for Christ.
Bible study for serious inquirers. Presents the basic truths concerning Jesus of Nazareth the Son of God the Savior of mankind. Introduction to Ten Basic Steps Toward Maturity. (English 3330042). 50p.
The Unity of God (P) - 3330029
$0.20 $0.10 On Sale!
W. Lazar.
An explanation of the Trinity and that Christians believe in one God. 6p.
The Way of Salvation (P) - 3330001
W.M. Miller
Clear presentation of salvation for those from a Muslim background.

The Word of God (P) - 3330030
W. Lazar.
An explanation of the validity of the Bible with reference to The Gospel of Barnabus and an overview of different sections of the Bible. 6p.
3330053.jpg The World's Greatest Person (P) - 3330053
S. M. Zwemer.
Describes the uniqueness of Christ. 16p.
Thirty Pieces of Silver (P) - 3330082
M. Sepehr.
It offers a collection of Persian poetry (in the traditional style) covering such subjects as the death and resurrection of Christ salvation of sinners Trinity and the attributes of Jesus Christ. (Photocopy quality). 97p.
3331124.jpg Ultimate Questions (E) - 3331124
John Blanchard.
Health finance family the future-life is full of questions. This booklet tackles these vital questions head-on and answers them simply clearly and directly. 32p.
3331135.jpg What Every Muslim Should Know About the Old and New Testament (E) - 3331135
John Gilchrist.
This booklet presents to the Muslim information regarding the Old and New Testament and how the Qurían relates to the two testaments. 24p.
3330047.jpg What is Christianity? (Corr. course) (P) - 3330047
$0.90 $0.50 On Sale!
Clear presentation of Christianity to Muslim readers; correspondence course to use in conjunction with the book What is Christianity. (English 3330023 Persian 3330022). 24p.
3331112.jpg Why I Am a Christian (P) - 3331112
A response to Bertrand Russell's "Why I Am Not a Christian." (Photocopy quality). 56p.
Grace and Sacrifice of God (P) - 3330094
$0.20 $0.10 On Sale!
W. Lazar.
A tract for Muslims.
3330012.jpg Help From Above (P) - 3330012
$0.20 $0.10 On Sale!
Helpful Scriptural passages. 49p.
New Creation (P) - 3330027
W. Lazar.
How to be freed from sin and become a new creation through the power of Christ. 6p.
3331111.jpg Where to Go With This Burden? (P) - 3331111
$2.00 $1.00 On Sale!
Carefully discusses the seriousness of sin and is accompanied by illustrative pictures. It presents the cross of Jesus Christ confession and repentance as the only solution to removing the burden of sin. 34p.
Like Unto Him- 3330086
This book is in two parts. The first section is a translation of "Christian Character" and the second is a free translation of "From Palm Sunday to Easter". The programmes, based on Jesusí last words from the cross, were originally broadcast in Holy Week during the Second Word War.
The Promise (P) - 3331143
An evangelical tract explaining the way of salvation.
Highlights of the Gospel (P) - 3331149
By Siamak Nasser
A Gospel presentation for non-believers.