Dari Evangelistic Literature

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3350005 How Can I Know God? (D) - 3350005
Taken from the first chapter of William Miller book, "The Way to Salvation". Miller begins with some basic concepts about God., and then discusses 4 ways of revelation, using the illustration of getting to know an artist - either through his works, or through him as a person.
3350006 Crucified Tulip (D) - 3350006
The thrilling life story of the well-known, blind Afghan believer, Zia Noodrat, who was martyred in 1988 for his faith is Christ. 16p.
3350007 Cry of Blood (D) - 3350007
Shedding innocent blood brings a curse, and results in feuds, and more bloodshed. The cry of blood from the cross provides the answer to the problem of sin. 125p.
3350009 Jesus the Son of God (D) - 3350009
A thorough theological and biblical discussion, exploring the doctrine of Christ, especially His divinity, His place in the trinity, His roles etc. in apologetic form. The terms 'son' and 'word' both reflect the idea that Christ reveals the Father. 24p.
3350012 Message of the Tawrat, Zabur and Injil (D) - 3350012
A booklet with 10 lessons with scripture passages designed by the Bible Societies to explain the Gospel to a Muslim. 20p.
3350010 Of Whom the World is Not Worthy (D) - 3350010
A tract on how believers in the NT and early church faced persecution. An encouragement to believers to be ready to carry the torch of suffering. 10p.
3350008 Treasures of Gold (D) - 3350008
Book of Proverbs, begins with an introduction and outline of the book. 90p.
He Didn't Become an Apostate (D) -3350013
The story of a man who returns to his village after he has lived in the West and married a foreign woman. The book discusses the pros and cons of “Who is a True Believer” in an Islamic context. 65p.
3350011 Grace of Generosity (D) - 3350011
Written for the emerging church in Middle Eastern cultures, touching on issues such as dependency, honor, and the dignity of giving. 60p.