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Good for use with serious inquirers and for training for witnessing.

4440086.jpg A Journey From Gods to Christ (E) - 4440086
Daniel Shayesteh.
This booklet covers why people embrace a religion and how to evaluate the geniuses of a religion. Also covers questions and answers about these major religions compared to Christianity. 64p.
4440081.jpg A Re-evaluation of the Koran (P) - 4440081
Dr. Roushanger.
An in-depth analysis of the Qur'an its origin and teachings on several significant subjects. 413p.
4440072.jpg America Oil and the Islamic Mind (E) - SALE- 4440072
$4.00 $2.50 On Sale!
Michael Youssef.
"The Real Crisis Is the Gulf Between Our Ways of Thinking." A quick overview and current-events analysis of Islam. 135p.
4440033.jpg Balance of Truth (E) - 4440033
C. Pfander.
A comparison and evaluation of Islam and Christianity. (Persian 4440032). 136 p.
4440061.jpg Christians in Chains (E) - 4440061
The judicial interrogations of imprisoned Christians of Muslim background in an Arab state. 152p.
4440080.jpg Cyrus the Great and Mohammad Ibn Abdullah (P) - 4440080
Dr. Roushanger.
A comparison of the character life and accomplishments of these two historical figures. 323p.
4440007.jpg Did God Appear in the Flesh? (E) - 4440007
I. Jadeed.
A former Muslim writes about the incarnation of Christ. 48p.
Face the Facts (E) - 4440010
M. Finlay.
Answers to questions Muslims commonly ask. (Persian Search for Truth 4440011). 107p.
God is One (E) - 4440030
An explanation of the unity of God in Christianity. 4p.
4440005.jpg God is One in the Holy Trinity (E) - 4440005
B. Zachariah.
An easy to understand book on the reality and unity of the Trinity translated from Arabic. 56p.
God Our Heavenly Father (E) - 4440031
A tract explaining why Christians know God as their Heavenly Father. 4p.
4440049.jpg Holy War in Islam (E) - 4440049
The history of the concept of Jihad (Holy War) in Islam and its use in the Muslim world today. 71p.
Is Muhammad Foretold in the Bible? (E) - 4440051
John Gilchrist.
A refutation of the claim that Moses and Jesus prophesied the coming of Muhammad. 19. Photo Copy.
Islam - A Religious Profile (E) - SALE- 4440082
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Dean Halverson.
This paper shows the difference between the uncertainty of salvation by attempting to live up to the law versus the faith in Jesus Christ. 8p.
Islam and Muslims (E) - 4440064
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E. Hahn.
A brief summary of Islam and Muslims that will encourage you to learn more about them and about ways of sharing the Gospel with them. 8p.
4440050.jpg Islam Under the Magnifying Glass (E) - 4440050
An explanation of Allah and Muhammad's character how the Qur'an was written and its influence in the Muslim life and Shariah (the Law of Islam). 137p.
4440077.jpg Islamic Invasion (E) - SALE- 4440077
$15.00 $11.00 On Sale!
Robert Morey.
The Islamic Invasion will give you the insight you need to understand Islam and the challenge it poses today. 221p.
Jesus Israel and the Gentiles (E) - SALE- 4440029
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E. Hahn.
A response to the Muslim claim that Jesus was sent to the children of Israel only. 18p.
Jesus the Son of God (E) - SALE- 4440034
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Luther Engelbrecht and Ernest Hahn.
Clarifies for Muslims what is meant by Jesus being the Son of God. 15p.
4440087.jpg Knowing the Mormons of the Jehovah Witnesses (P) - 4440087
Edgar Kaiser and Herbert Kern. Translated by Mojgan Barani.
It discusses the history teaching and practices of these cults that originate in the U.S. but now have a worldwide following. 130p.
Making Christ Known to Muslims (E) - 4440059
Emphasizes an approach which uses the Qur'an to help share Christ with Muslims. (Photocopy quality). 11p.
4440073.jpg Passionate Believing (E) - 4440073
Bill Musk.
The 'fundamentalist' face of Islam. The passionate convictions displayed by Muslims over the last decade have shocked many westerners. Where does such fervor spring from? How can Christians respond to militant Islam? 156p.
4440079.jpg Shi'ism and Mahdism (P) - 4440079
Dr. Roushanger.
A critical discussion of the beliefs and practices of the Shi'a sect of Islam and the person of Mahdi the 12th imam. 286p.
Sin and Atonement (E) - 4440008
I. Jadeed.
Relates the Muslim concept of sin and self righteousness to the Christian concept of justification and the sacrificial death of Christ. 55p.
4440057.jpg The Call of the Minaret (E) - SALE- 4440057
$10.95 $6.00 On Sale!
Kenneth Cragg.
An account of the spiritual tradition of Islam a luminous presentation of the person of Christ and an attempt to guide the followers of both traditions. 358p.
The Crucifixion of Christ: A Fact Not Fiction (E) - SALE- 4440055
$2.00 $0.75 On Sale!
John Gilchrist.
Reply to Ahmed Deedat's book entitled Crucifixion or Cruci-fiction. 36p.
The Day of Jesus the Messiah's Resurrection (E) - SALE- 4440084
$0.25 $0.10 On Sale!
A pamphlet that explains the Lord Jesus Christ's death and resurrection. 6p.
4440014.jpg The Holy Book of God (E) - 4440014
D. Schenk.
The Christian answer to a devout Sheikh who asked if Christians have changed the Scriptures. Excellent exposition of the Bible's divinity and reliability. 69p.
4440022.jpg The Islam Debate (E) - SALE- 4440022
$5.95 $3.00 On Sale!
J. McDowell.
Transcript of McDowell's debate with Deedat on whether Christ was crucified. 71p.
4440075.jpg The Logic of Faith (E) - SALE- 4440075
$0.75 $0.25 On Sale!
Dale Rhoton.
Well documented presentation of reasons for Christian faith written with Muslims in mind. (In newspaper form) 28p.
The Meaning of the Cross (E) - 4440047
Explains about the crucifixion what the cross means and how Jesus overcame the death of the cross. 4p.
4440037.jpg The Muslim Doctrine of God (E) - 4440037
Samuel Zwemer.
An essay on the character and attributes of God according to the Qur'an and Islamic traditions. 120p. Photo Copy
4440063.jpg The Occult in Islam (E) - 4440063
Deals with such topics as the pervasiveness of occultism in Islam in the Qur'an in Islamic worship black magic in Islam and what is involved in freeing a Muslim from occultic bondage. 48p.
4440002.jpg The Person of Christ in the Gospel and the Qur’an (E) - 4440002
A. Fadi.
Compares the presentation of Christ in the Gospel and in the Qur’an. 98p.
The Textual History of the Qur'an and the Bible (E) - 4440056
John Gilchrist.
A reply to Ahmed Deedat's book entitled Is the Bible God's Word? 51p.
4440041.jpg The Victory of the Truth (E) - 4440041
Answers to questions of a Muslim Sheikh typical of questions asked by most Muslims. 132p.
4440044.jpg Themes for the Diligent (E) - 4440044
Discusses the validity of the Bible character of the prophets and that of Jesus His crucifixion sinless ness divinity Trinity in unity and the meaning of Paraclete. 128p.
4440054.jpg Trinity and Unity (E) - 4440054
Helps Muslims understand the Biblical concept of the Triune God and how it does not contradict the Unity (or oneness) of God. 12p.
4440028.jpg Twenty Three Years (P) - 4440028
A. Dashti.
Objective description of Mohammed's life & teaching. Excellent for the serious reader. 339p.
Why The Bible is God's Word (P) - 4440089
Gordon Lindsey.

Why the Cross of Jesus the Messiah? (E) - SALE- 4440062
$0.25 $0.10 On Sale!
A short discussion about the fact of Jesus' death on the cross the meaning of His death and Jesus' resurrection from the dead. 6p.
4440053.jpg Christ in Islam and Christianity (E) - 4440053
John Gilchrist.
Refutes Ahmed Deedat's book entitled Christ in Islam which misrepresents the Biblical account of Jesus Christ. 40p.
For Muslims-Trinity Son of God Explained (E) - 4440060
An explanation of what is meant Biblically by the terms Trinity and Son of God. 16p.
4440027.jpg Revelation (P) - 4440027
R. Masoudi.
A discussion of the nature of divine revelation from Christian and Islamic perspectives. 24p.
4440026.jpg Who is Allah in Islam? (E) - 4440026
Discusses the character of Allah in Islam and compares it with the Biblical character of God. 108p.
4440001.jpg The Infallibility of the Torah and the Gospel (E)-4440001
I. Jadeed.
Shows that the Old and New Testaments are accurate and valid. Written by a former Muslim. 65p.
The Difference is the Son (E) - 4440088-NEW
Daniel Shayesteh.
It is a significant book for all people who share a love of God's kingdom and of God's blueprint for Peace through Jesus Christ. It represents the thinking and feelings of a man who has seen and experienced the diverse cultural, religious and political landscapes of both the middle-eastern world and the west. 248p.
Christ Above All Gods (E) - 4440090
Daniel Shayesteh.
This book helps the reader to understand the foundational beliefs of the world's major religions and the nature of their "gods". The book's purpose is to challenge the hearts, minds and consciences of all who read it, that they might discover and experience the only true and holy One, who is the source of light, purity and unity. 144p.
Mormonism-From Its Inception Until Now (P) - 4440091
It offers a history of Mormonism, its view of the Christian scriptures, its beliefs regarding God, Jesus Christ, man and the way of salvation. 43p.
Jesus, Legend or Lord (P) - 4440092
By Dr. Paul Meyer.
An excellant apologetic presentation. Translated and narrated by Tommy Mayvaian. CD