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Good for Evangelism.

7770008.jpg Bahram William Dehqani-Tafti (E) - 7770008
H. B. Dehqani-Tafti.
A tribute to Bahram Dehqani-Tafti son of the Anglican Bishop in Iran. After graduation from university. Bahram returned to Iran then on the throes of Islamic Revolution. But he was struck down by an assassin's bullet in May 1980 at the age of 24. 67p.
7770041.jpg Beyond the Minarets (E) - 7770041
Kellsye M. Finnie.
A biography of Henry Martyn. 184p.
7770013.jpg Blood Brothers (E) - 7770013
Elias Chacour with David Hazard.
A Palestinian Christian's struggle for reconciliation in the Middle East. 224p.
7770049.jpg Daughters of Islam (E) - SALE - 7770049
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Miriam Adeney.
Provides case studies of how Muslim women from various parts of the world have come to embrace Christianity and what factors were important in their conversion.
7770028.jpg Everlasting Peace and Joy (P) - 7770028
The testimony of Bakht Singh a Sikh from India and how he became a follower of Christ. 24p.
From Darkness to God's Light (P) - 7770034
Fima Daniel.
A dynamic testimony of a beautiful Iranian Christian lady. (English 7770035). 4p.
7770032.jpg God Has Chosen (E) - 7770032
Hamran Ambrie.
The testimony of an Indonesian Muslim convert to Christianity. 95p.
Haik Hovsepian-Mehr (E) - 7770036
The testimony of our dear brother martyred in 1994. (Persian 7770037). 7p.
7770007.jpg Hard Awakening (P) - 7770007
H. B. Dehqani-Tafti.
An outstanding story of spiritual triumph through fiery trial in Iran by a national church leader and convert from Islam. (English 7770002). 141p.
How an Alcoholic Singer Became a Pastor - 7770004
Dr Yousef Nazanin.
As a young man Yousef tried alcohol and cigarettes to find peace. He then tried gambling to find fulfillment. Then he began to sing in celebrations and parties. He even attempted suicide several times until...
How I Found Healing & Peace (P) - 7770025
M. Kohanzad.
The testimony of an Iranian Christian. 7p.
Hunger Satisfied (P/E) - 7770003
$0.20 $0.10 On Sale!
A testimony of an Iranian Christian. 4p.
7770020.jpg In Quest of Truth (E) - 7770020
Ibrahim Deshmukh.
The testimony of a Muslim convert to Christianity in India. 48p.
7770031.jpg In Search of Assurance (E) - 7770031
K.K. Alavi.
Testimony of a Muslim convert to Christianity. 127p.
Into the Kingdom of Light (P) - 7770001
The powerful testimony of a young Iranian in poetry form. Wonderfully portrays the Lord's goodness and how he revealed the path into the Kingdom of Light. Good gift for Iranian friends. 10p.
7770051.jpg Muslims Meeting Christ (E) - 7770051
Shirley Madany.
The author reports on the testimony of some Muslims who came to believe in Christ as their savior as a result of her and her husband's ministry. 144p.
7770009.jpg My Big Father (E) - 7770009
B. Farnham.
The story of Kenan Araz who lived to share the love of God in Turkey. 201p.
My Testimony (D) - 7770005
The testimony of an Afghan born in the late 19th century near Kabul. The author writes it as a witness to his English translation). 43p.
7770042.jpg On Call (E) - 7770042
David C. Thompson MD.
A presentation of high adventure in medical missions with humor tragedy and commitment. 220p.
7770038.jpg Sweet Firstfruits (E) - 7770038
An account of Christian converts in Syria. 140p.
Testimony of an Iranian Christian (E) - 7770011
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E. Ghaffari.
Briefly tells how an Iranian from Muslim background came to Christ and to his current ministry as director of ICI. Good for developing a vision for ministry among Iranians. (Persian 7770010). 5p.
Testimony of an Iranian Christian (P) - 7770010
E. Ghaffari.
An Iranian from a Muslim background tells how he came to trust in Christ. Good evangelistic tool. (English 7770011). 5p.
The Life of Rev. Mawlawi (E) - 7770018
The testimony of Dr. Imad ud-Din Lahiz. 17p.
7770039.jpg The Satnami Story (E) - 7770039
Donald A. McGavran.
A thrilling drama of religious change. The autobiographical content makes it a delightful narrative which also provides glimpses of missionary life and labor in mid-India in the mid-twentieth century. 177p.
The Story of Zia Nodrat (E) - 7770026
The testimony of an Afghan Muslim convert to Christianity. 7p.
7770046.jpg Tortured for Christ (E) - SALE- 7770046
$6.00 $3.00 On Sale!
Richard Wurmbrand.
Months of solitary confinement years of periodic physical torture constant suffering from hunger and cold the anguish of brainwashing and mental cruelty - experienced and witnessed by a Rumanian pastor during his fourteen years in Communist prisons. This is their story - a classic account of courage tenacious faith and unbelievable endurance. 139p.
7770006.jpg Unfolding Design of My World (E) - 7770006
H. B. Dehqani-Tafti.
Traces the pilgrimage to Christianity of a young man growing up in Iran and later fleeing persecution by the Islamic Republic of Iran. Explains many of the difficulties Iranians face when they embrace the Gospel.278p.
A Christian Hero-Benjamin Badal (P) - 7770047
The life story of an Assyrian Christian who became a successful seller of Christian literature in Iran. 19p.
7770019-1jpg Ten Thousand Muslims Meet Christ (E) -7770019
Twelve Iranians who responded positively to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. These exciting testimonies are true and accurate and cover the quarter century following the Islamic Revolution of Iran in 1979. 80 p.