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Ebrahim Ghaffari, Founder of Iranian Christians Intl

In 1945, Abe Ghaffari was born into a Muslim family in a small town in Northeast Iran. He grew up a Muslim, as that is all he knew, and practiced the rituals of Islam. As a teenager he became disappointed with Islam and observed that it had no power to change him to a better person.  After high school he went to college in the U.S. It was here that he met Christians for the first time and noticed how different they were. After reading the Bible and going to Church for a period of time he accepted Jesus as his Lord.  In 1968 he married Marie, and after finishing college they moved to Iran with the intent of living there and sharing the Gospel with Iranians. The Islamic Revolution in 1978-79, forced Abe and Marie to return to the U.S. Shortly afterward they founded Iranian Christians Intl, the first indigenous mission to Iranians outside of Iran. Abe and Marie dedicated their lives to serving the Iranian Church and those within the Church being persecuted for their faith in Christ Jesus.

Mohamad Faridi, President of Iranian Christians Intl

Mohamad Faridi was born and raised in a devout Muslim family in the country of Iran. After years of faithfully following the Muslim faith, his goal ultimately became to be a martyr in Jihad. This all changed after a divine encounter with Jesus Christ in Iran. He made Jesus his Lord and Savior and started sharing the Gospel with fellow Iranians. As a result, he faced persecution and had to flee the country for his life. In 2012, he took refuge in America.

Mohamad is an ordained minister and became President of Iranian Christians Intl. in 2019.