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Over a million Gospel Tracts, Bibles and New Testaments have been placed in the hands of muslims in the Middle East.  This number is continuing to grow everyday.


We host discipleship classes and conferences; online Church services and prayer meetings. We also provide ministry opportunities under the supervision of seasoned ministers.

Equipping the Body of Christ

We host Seminars & Trainings on Islam and how to evangelize muslims, equipping the Body of Christ to engage with muslims who are among the most unreached.

Translation and Distribution of Christian Literature

We translate, publish, reprint and distribute Farsi and Dari Christian literature for evangelism, discipleship, and training.

Trips to the Middle East

Walk where Apostle Paul walked and be a part of a Holy Spirit evangelism journey. Working alongside some of the courageous underground Church leaders of our time.


We provide counseling, information, referral services, and resettlement assistance to Iranian and Afghan persecuted Christian converts from Islam.